Sunday, November 29, 2009


1/13 - Columbus, OH w/ Brain Killer
1/14 - Indianapolis, IN
1/15 - Chicago, IL w/ Manipulation
1/16 - St. Louis, MO
1/17 - Kansas City, MO
1/18 - off
1/19 - Dallas, TX
1/20 - Austin, TX
1/21 - McAllen, TX
1/22 - Matamoros
1/23 - San Luis Potosi?
1/28 - Toluca
1/29 - Salamanca
1/30 - Queretaro
1/31 - Mexico City
2/5 - San Luis Potosi?
2/6 - Guadalajara

2/13 - Austin, TX w/ Hex Dispensers, Manikin
2/14 - Houston, TX
2/15-16 - MARDIS GRAS New Orleans
2/17 - Nashville?
2/18 - Chattanooga, TN
2/19 - Athens, GA
2/20 - Raleigh, NC
2/21 - Richmond, VA
2/22 - Philly, PA/DC?
2/23 - NYC
2/24 - Boston, MA w/ Social Circkle, Bloody Gears

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tour was great.
Other than not surfing on this one it was definitely our best tour yet. Thanks to everybody who did anything to help with it.
If you took photos or video send it over. We love to look at ourselves if you haven't noticed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Most of the February tour is finally confirmed. For the 2 people who might look at this, here's what we have. More details as I get them.

18-19 Recording new EP in Boston with Ryan (
20- Boston @ Platonic Sleepover House
21- Brooklyn @ 538 Johnson (Apt. 210)
22- just outside Baltimore @ the Charm City Art Space
23- Richmond @ Nara Sushi
24- Chattanooga @ Anarchtic house
25- Nashville @ Little Hamilton (1318 little Hamilton)
26- St. Louis @ the Black Lodge
27- Kansas City @ The Newsroom (3740 Broadway)
28- Chicago @ Des Plaines Project (1822 South Des Plaines)
1- Pittsburgh @ GOOSKI'S (3117 Brereton St.)
2- Philly @ the Model Home (1009 N. Marshall)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

more real news

so we're on tour, and have a little more info regarding the rest of tour which was previously unknown to us-

26-ventura@ mai's cafe w/ ANNIHILATION TIME
27-san jose@1264 locust st. w/ COKE BUST
28-oakland@ an "infoshop" w/ NEEDLES
29-san fran@thrillhouse records w/ NN
30-surfing the bay
31-corvalis@ fox & firkin 202 sw 1st st
1-portland@laughing horse books 12 ne 10th st.
2-vancouver@distort vancouver fest
3-victoria w/ INEPSY

surfing rules, eat burritos
fuck the secret devils

Monday, June 23, 2008

so in typical ACID REFLUX fashion we are throwing together a tour of the western united states at the last minute. here is a rough itinerary-

23-Tijuana(need help!!!!!)
24-San Diego
25-Los Angeles
26-Bakersfield??? need help!!!
27-San Jose
28-Somewheres in the East Bay
29-San Francisco
30-Reno? need help!!!
31-Somewhere in Norcal or Southern Oregon?? HELP!!

more details to follow. right now that's all i got. any questions or show offers to:

Sunday, May 4, 2008


so in january while on the way to a show in boston we stopped by our friend ryans studio and recorded some live stuff. a bunch of our dumb songs and 3 WIRE covers. here it is.

how somebody from vermont learned how to use all this fancy recording equipment is still a mystery.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

actual news

so we're playing a bunch of shows in may with a bunch of foriegners. up there is two of 'em. the other two are as follows-

Tuesday May 27th @AS220


Wendsday May 28 8pm 6$ @ The Landing Zone-155 Wade Rd. Latham NY
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION-austrailia.hardcore done right.
ACID REFLUX-albany. not descended from criminals.
CULTURE SHOCK-syracuse hardcore.

INVASION (http://www. mindlessmutant. com/invasion/)are fucking awesome and SJN are fucking awesome as well( if you live near these places you should go see 'em. poseurs-stay home.